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NXT Stager ControllerNXT AquaMatic Stager Controller

NXT AquaMatic Stager Controller

Available in the NX48 and NX51 Series configurations, the NXT Stager Controller is easy to use and has the unique ability to fine tune stager operation for almost every application.

This product is manufactured in the United States of foreign and domestic parts.

Features & Benefits

Some key features of the NXT Stager Controller include:

  • The ability to fine tune stager operation for almost every application
  • A new intuitive interface for controlling AquaMatic valves
  • Enhanced 2x16 full-text backlit display
  • Detailed intuitive readouts
  • User friendly programming
  • Diagnostic feedback
  • Power back-up
  • Available in the NX48 and NX51 Series configurations


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Phone: 262-326-0100 | Address: 16605 West Victor Rd New Berlin , WI

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